Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Oh yeah :-)

When your right,you are right. I was right for the second week in a row.Poor Alexis Grace. Hey, if you want to see whos gonna get voted off, just read my blog. I need to be a judge on the show, i think Ive found my true
So, next week Obama is giving yet another speech(whats up with all the speeches, my goodness), so idol will be on Wedensday. And its motown week......Im only going to get to watch bits and pieces(I dont have dvr.........snif snif).
My top three predictions are as follows: Danny, Adam, and Allison. She will definately be the last girl standing................

Thats all for now

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Country Week on Idol

All i can say is wow. There is some pretty amazing talent on this season of AI. I think after 8 seasons, the judges finally got it right. Its hard to say who is going to go, because they all have some really amazing vocals and loads of talent. Last week, i predicted Jorge and jasmine would go, and i was dead on. This week, based on solely thier performances this evening, I would have to say...............hmmmmm, think Ill wait a minute.
Tonight was country night, with special guest randy travis. I kept expecting someone to bust out with a randy song, but there was no randy Travis Love this evening. I think forever and ever amen would have been cool...........Michael sarver was first. He was the only one, besides Allison to pick something kindve peppy, so he gets big points for that.He also gets cutie points from me.He did garth's aint going down til the sun comes up. Next was Allison, and she did Blame it on your heart by Patty Loveless, a very good choice indeed. She rocked it, my favorite girl for sure. Top three material. Kris Allen did To make you feel my Love, another garth song. OMG it was amazing,this was his best night yet. He reminds me of a 13 yr old, he just looks soo for that reason, no cute points from me. Hes probably my least favorite guy, but who knows, that may change if he continues to do what he did tonight.Lil did a really bad performance of martina's independence day, very bad choice of song for her,what a shame............. My favorite performance tonight, hands down was Anoop. he totally redeemed himself from last week with Willie Nelson's you were always on my was spectacular..........
Last week I had the privelege of hearing danny sing for the first time, and he is by far my favorite. But his song choice tonight wasnt that great. I think Carrie Underwood would definately approve, however.Poor megan Joy, i feel soo bad for her, I hope she gets some rest this week. her voice is starting to grow on me, but she did that stupid dance tonight, and i hate it. She needs to do something more contemporary, she has been doing too many old songs. reminds me alot of Nora Jones........
Adam just really creeped me out tonight with that whole egyptian thing. I did not like it at all. I am starting to like him less and less.He had me at satisfaction,but no more.
So, all that said,my pics to go home, based solely on their performance tonight are eiether Alexis, Lil, or megan Joy. If Lil or Megan gets picked the judges may use their save..........but I think they would let Alexis go.
We'll find out tomorrow.............

weighty issues

Well, now for a bit of happier news. I thought I would give a report of my weightloss journey,since I havent updated in a little over a month. I am right at 20 pounds, which is a little less than I had hoped for, but it a good start, and halfway to my short term goal of 40. Saturday I was going through the weekly ritual of trying on clothes to wear to church the next day( a thing I purely despise, not church,but figuring out what to wear, since half of my clothes dont fit right),when I spotted THE DRESS, you know the one I had mentioned I was trying to fit into? Well, I figured I would give it a try. Why not? So I slipped it over my head,and it actually went past my neck this This looks promising. So i continue and Viola!!!! To my suprise it actually fit!!!Now, I am not to the point where I am comfortable going out in it, but just the fact that it fit was huge for me,it means that what i am doing is paying off!!! Such a wonderful feeling.So what have I been doing the past few months? I guess i will spill the beans, i had wanted to keep it a secret, just in case it didnt work. I have been taken the drug Alli, which is an over the counter dose of Orlistat, which is prescribed by doctors for weight loss. Alli is about half the dosage of orlistat that the doc would prescribe. I must admit, I was expecting greater results, but that is partly my fault, because I didnt exercise as much as i should. My supply is beginning to diminish, and i am contemplating if I should get another bottle or not. I'm not sure if I want to do that. beacuse its soo darn expensive.I think alli is perfect for those who have maybe a pesky 15-20 pounds they need to lose. But if you are like me, and have way more,its not the best way to go. But what it will do is give you a boost. Thats really all i was hoping for when I got on it.In addition to that, i have just been watching what i eat,absoloutely no pork,fried,or beef. Yuck. Its amazing what you can live without if you really try. So, this week, I added a little change to my diet,if it works, i will tell you what it is.Ive already lost 2 pounds in a day, so i think its going the thing i really wanted to say though, is that if I can do it, anyone can!!!!! I am probably the most undisciplined person i kow when it comes to diet and exercise. But all it takes is a few minor changes.... You can do it :-)

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Better to have loved and lost, than _________

I apologize for the lack of uninteresting posting the past several weeks. This month has been a whirlwhind. We have experienced three deaths in the family, 2 of them taken by cancer. One of them a 6 year old girl. I consider myself to have a pretty good concept of death,we all die, we dont die until our purpose here on earth is fufilled,and we eiether go to heaven or hell(yes,there is a hell, and there is a heaven). Then there are other cases of death,which I beleive are caused by pure evil,things that we cannot see, and I beleive that this was one of those instances.........I could open a whole other can of worms,but I will not go there. Thats another blog post. I do know one thing for sure, Selena, my grandmother, and Aunt Wanda are in heaven now, and pain free. Selena is probably eating tacos with Jesus :-) . She doesnt have to suffer anymore. I am not a death expert, that is something no one has the answer to,why people have to suffer and die. But I do know one thing. One day, we will get to see them again in heaven,that is, if we make the choice to go there.I also know I cant walk around feeling guilty about the "should haves" I should have called more, I should have prayed more, I should have done something more. Because the reality in any death situation is that it doesnt matter how much we did for this person,we would have always felt like we could have done more. Its part of the grieving process. Thats pretty much all I have to say for right now. I leave you with the a picture of the bravest little girl I have ever known:

RIP Selena Barajas March 27,2002-March 14,2009

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Wildcard Picks

So, it is wildcard night on American Idol, and here is who your judges picked:

Von Smith
Jasmine Murray
Ricky Braddy
Megan Joy Corkrey
Tatiana Del Toro
Matt Giraud
Jesse Langseth
Anoop Desai

Im not at all happy with the choices right now, and I really think Ju'Not and Felecia, and Kristin should have been considered.I would love to pick the judges brains . Its not at all a vocal competition, but a popularity one, and that is becoming more and more evident.

My pics for wildcard:Anoop,Matt, and Jesse, but we all know that wont happen.I really hope Megan doesnt do that dance thing again.

So, who will finish off the final 12? We will soon find out.........

We'll see how it plays out, Im afraid to even watch.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Idol Thoughts Week 3

Since my dreams of auditioning were shattered this year, i figured blogging about idol each week would be good So i am going to try my best to do so. I have a pretty good track record of picking who is going to win every season, I started watching season 4, and so far am 3 for 3. Here ar my thoughts on tonights final 12. By the way, i do not like how they have done the voting set up this year. Boo!!!!!! They should have stuck with the original 24 thing. The new voting system doesnt give several of the really good ones a fair chance. Now that Ive said my peace, I will share my thoughts for tonight:
I was right on last week(except for Cris), with Adam and Allison,so we will see.........
I predict America will send the following on:
Scott,Lil Rounds, and JU'Not

Rachel's picks are Scott,Kristen,and eiether Felicia or Ju'Not
Wild card predictions: Jorge for sure, and any of my other favorites that may not make it.

I didnt catch the name of Vons song, but I know it was marvin gaye. That pretty much sums up his

Taylor-very Demi Lovato-ish. I cant beleive she sung the same song that she did in Hollywood,thats not very smart. Not to mention that song has been beaten to death with the idol contestant beat-up stick(sorry, couldnt think of a better Good song, its just been done way too many times. Go home sweetie :-( And whats up with Karas shopping comment? What does shopping and personality have to do with good vocals?lol

Alex- Oh my goodness, this guy is just, well, um, weird. I loved Simons Old hamster trying to be a tiger comment. I would say he has more of a gerbil like Elton, poor Elton.

Arianna aka "Button girl"- Abba? Are you kidding me? Why would a 17 year old pick something like that. Bad song choice. She had a few nice runs in the middle though.........

Ju'not- I liked him, my prediction is that he will be this seasons Chekeezie,but better. They have to have a black man in the group, I think its a general

Kristin- I liked her, very distinct quality to her voice. What was up with all the fashion comments? I thought this was idol, not Project Runway. I think she looked fine.

Nathaniel- you know, i actually kindve liked him, and he was on my list,until I heard the rest of the guys, then he got knocked down.Way down. I thought the meatloaf choice was interesting. It was a little dry,however,and did not leave me hungry for more.

Felicia- I am really glad they brought this girl back. Shes on my list. I know it must have been hard for her to leave her baby(and LIl Rounds to leave hers as well). I didnt like the song choice, i dont think it showed off her range very well. But like she says, everything happens for a reason, and i am hoping she comes back.

Scott- I have really enjoyed him since day one,hes different and unique. He has a very Josh Groban like quality to his voice............he did not dissapoint tonight.

Kendall- Honey, this is not Nashville Star. It was very pitchy. But she looked great,loved the dress.Very Kellie Pickler-ish.Texas is not very well represented this year,oh well, thats what they get for not coming here.........

Lil Rounds- I really like her. I loved the call the show if you want me comments she put in the song,very clever.I like the fact that she has three kids and is a mom, unlike alot of the other female r and B singers out there. I guess, for me personally, i am just looking for something fresh and for someone whose style hasnt been done 1000 times over. i think it would be cool to see her do a country song and make it her own.

Jorge Nunez- I personally didnt care for him, had great vocals, very Marc Anthony, I think he will be back on the wild card show.

My wild card predictions for next week: Kai Kalama, Jorge Nunez,Mishavonna henson, Matt Giraud,Anoop, and Stevie