Monday, December 20, 2010

My Grown Up Christmas List

Gosh, I have been soo busy I have barely had time to sit down and blog.My plan is to write a Christmas one every day next week, we shall see how that goes.Being that it is Christmas, I thought it would be fun to write a blog on what has been catching my eye this year. Chances are I wont be getting any of it,but I thought it would be fun to dream a bit. I always try to keep in mind that the true gifts we receive are the ones which cannot be wrapped, the gifts of friends and family,the gift of Gods son. These are all gifts that keep on giving.I dont have a materialistic bone in my body,so this post is a little strange for me. You know how we moms tend to be, its usually about the kids, and then whatever is left over, that is what we get =)  . I much prefer it that way.  So, here we go:
Number 1: Toms Shoes
I have always admired these shoes from afar,and I like the concept. Every pair you purchase,they will send a child a pair. It is a good thing he is doing.I really want the burlap classics or the silver glitters.
Number 2:Amazon Kindle
My friend Jamie, who is a very sweet devout Christian lady came up with the term Book think it is funny. Well, I am not a book whore, but I would consider myself a book hoarder.I have a ton, I am especially a Christian fiction junkie of the amish persuasion.I dont think actual books could ever be replaced, but  I think of all the room it would save in my house,and the thought makes me happy.Maybe someday, but then again by the time I get one, they will have probably already invented holographic readers(If they havent already done so).Kindle Video
I cannot help it, I may be thirty, but I am still in love with cutsey type things. Is that wrong? I feel kindve guilty ,because I dont know if "motherly" types should enjoy stuff like this,but then again, its not like Im an 80 year old grandpa wearing ninja turtle pajama Heres a pic, so you will get the just mentioned visual out of your mind: 
I love Gwen Stefanis line, especially the purses and the fragrance.If I get nothing else this year,I am hoping a purse like this will be in my stocking(some toms wouldnt hurt eiether).
Number 4:Wii Games
I was blessed to have received a wii a couple of years back for my birthday, and a wii fit for Christmas last year. I am very much into the active games, never been much into maRIO,etc. Here are a few games that have caught my eye recently(the first one for my daughter)    (or any game by Golds gym, and pretty much any active wii game that doesnt
Number 5:Fashion Bible Cover

Welp, thats about it =) Whats on your Christmas wish list this year?

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Life a life with no regrets

Where did November go? Where did this year go? Is it just me or the older you get, the quicker the years fly by..........December is always a tough month for me. I love Christmas, but I often find myself reflecting the moments of the past year. What I did wrong, what I did right, focusing more on the wrongs than rights. I cant help it. I am soo hard on myself, I am my own worst critic.Last year was a good year for me. I have a bucket list of things I want to accomplish in my lifetime, and I accomplished like 5 of them. This year I havent accomplished any.I had a sweet friend point out to me this morning that I should just take two of them from last year and apply them to this I just might have to do that. I want to live a life of no regrets.Some opportunities came my way this year,and i felt like, due to my current circumstances financially and our current situation that I shouldnt follow through with it. As the famous Mark Twain once said" I seldom realized opportunity until it ceased to be one". Here is my kindergarten like illustration,please dont laugh
As this picture illustrates, the things going on around can often seem soo big and consuming,that we cant see the opportunities just on the other side. That is why we have to step out of the realm of our circumstance, and grab ahold of what is there, because if we dont it will go away.I want to encourage you to live a life of no regrets for the rest of this year and the coming year. You'll be glad you did.