Thursday, April 14, 2011

AI 10: The top eight.

Well, my friends, it is hard to beleive that we are down to the top eieght idol hopefuls of the season........all is going swimmingly, well, except for last weeks shocker with the exit ofPia Toscano , who by the way, was mine, and I think everyone elses favorite female contender.  Its fair game, and this is the first season i havent been able to peg the winner, thats just how good everyone is..........What is really super awesome about this seasons contestants is that its almost like the battle of the genres. Youve got Casey Abrams , who is real jazzy, haley who is bluesy, Jacob is our gospel man, James is the heavy metal guy,Scotty and lauren are our country crooners, and then theres Paul and Stefano, and well, i dont know really what they are.If qwirky were a music genre Paul would fit right
    As we were proved last week, anything goes and no one is safe. That being said, i think it may be Jacob, Stefano, and Paul in the bottom three this week, with Stefano going home. I disagree with everyones opinions of his performance and thought it really didnt fit his voice, and was really screechy. However, if we were basing things on performance last night, Id say Haley is the one to go. I honestly dont know why she is still there....................her voice is still very immature,even at her age. its like trying to put a kitten in a catsuit.
       My pics for top performances of the night go to Casey, lauren, and Scotty. Im proud of casey for bringing out the bass, and staying true to who he is. Lauren  can outsing Miley anyday,if she (Miley) was watching last night, well, I feel bad for her. And Scotty sang my favoritist(lol) country love song ever. He needs to work on his mic technique though, I find the way he holds it a little I really think they could easily make the final three.
   So, those are my thoughts, take em or leave em.