Friday, June 10, 2011

Where wishes come true

Hi. Im Rachel. I have this blog,and I hardly ever write in it, even though I have soo much to say..............
No, but seriously, I am going to try to do better. Things have been soo crazy here. My daughter broke her leg in March, got her brace off early last month(yes, they put a brace on and not a cast which was really annoying).Oh well, I guess thats what happens when you dont have insurance.........She is doing great,took a bit of a fall on it last week, which was super scary, but seems to be fine now .

    Also, last month we went to...............DISNEYWORLD =) aH,exciting stuff. It has always been a childhood dream of mine, and my husbands to go, and it was soo neat to be able to do something for our daughter that we didnt get to enjoy as kids. Here are a few pics:

At Hollywood Studios, We got to see the live Beauty and the beast show, and The Little Mermaid. Both shows i knew all of the songs and words For Beauty and the Beast we got to sit in the very front row,so close the characters were spitting on us. I could tell they were trying not to laugh as i sung every word with them.Really good show.Other honorable mentions are the Toy Story ride, where you ride through a big video game thing, and shoot at stuff.

me and the kiddo at Epcot.This was my 2nd favorite park, the world showcase was   AMAZING!!! Best ride here, handsdown is the test track,where you are the crash test dummy, and get to test a vehicle through all kinds of conditions, super high speed, weather,etc. There was also an exhibit called the sum of all thrills, where you get to create your own virtual ride. We chose a bobsled for ours, and named it the Artic Flyer.

Then it was on to the Magic Kingdom. I cant figure out how to rotate the get to the Magic Kingdom, you have to ride a ferry, and that was a little annoying(it was the slowest thing ever), but after that it was all smiles and we had a glorious day.Westarted out on main street, where we were serenaded by street performers, then it was onto the castle for a show with Mickey and all of his friends(see above) We rode everything there was to ride. My favorite ride was Space Mountain.

We ended the day with a electric parade(Of course), and then the castle display(video shown here).This was probably the highlight of the entire trip, and it is definately something I will never, ever forget.Right along the lines of my wedding day and when I gave

that was our trip to Disney in a nutshell. We did alot of other really cool, fun things light visited an orchard and toured a few lighthouses........
I am going to try to be more diligent about blogging,especially our everyday life.If for no one elses benefit, then just my own. Have a great day!