Friday, February 24, 2017

My THM Life #1

So, one of things I really would like to do on this blog is do a weekly rundown of how my THM plan is going, and just overall, my weightloss journey in general. This will be my first post, and I, for one, think it is a wonderful idea, because not only will it help me to stay accountable, but will hopefully encourage someone else along the way........ Throughout the course of the past year, I have stuck with some of the same recipes,this year Im looking to branch out and try a few new ones every week.
   I want to start off by saying that budget wise, THM is totally doable. Our grocery budget is around 80 dollars a week for a family of three,which isn't very much. Thats a lot of beans and
 So, this week, I had a lot of cauliflower to use up in my freezer. This is a THM staple and is included in a ton of their recipes. I very rarely eat it in its true form,usually I blend it up and add it to soups, or grate it up to make rice. But this week, i was very excited to use in its original state, in a recipe that I have never made before, which i cannot wait to tell you about!. I love cauliflower, so you will probably see a ton of recipes on here that include it. I also came up with a new GGMS recipe. What is GGMS? Keep reading if you want to know!

Im not the most technologically advanced, but I am learning, so bear with me.

So, lets start with Monday.........
Does anyone really enjoy them, really? I know I don't .Usually I will make an "off plan choice"(we don't like to call them cheats), at least once per weekend, sometimes twice. Because of this,my Mondays usually start with a DEEP S meal of some sort. There are 2 basic types of meals on the plan, S and E ,and S breaks down into three types: Light, Heavy, and Deep. Deep S meals are your purest fat, and NO DAIRY.A Good example of a deep S meal would be eggs fried in butter. I usually put mine over spinach, add some MCT oil and sprinkle nutritional yeast on top.Deep S meals also do something to "reset" your system(so Ive been told), and make any complex sugars you may have accumulated easier to get rid of and to process. This is all much better explained in the book.

So, if you look at the pretty pictures in the top of this post,top row, middle picture, you will see what my Deep S meal was for the week. This was a shamrock shake, and you can find the recipe here . I did not have the protein powder as suggested, so I used a scoop of collagen to add more protein. Super delish!

Monday Evening, I made FAKER TOT CASSEROLE , a recipe from the Coers Family, which is also featured in the THM Cookbook, page 147. Holy Moly! I have never made this before, but I think it is a new favorite.
So, that made 2 S meals for the day. I had an E for lunch. On this plan, you want to eat as many type of meals as you can per day. For example,1 S, 1 FP, and one E.It keeps your body "guessing"
Tuesday Evening, it was Stuffed Bell Pepper Soup, which you can find here . I had to tweak it a little, but it was pretty good. Im definitely a Drive Through Sue at Heart, so it had a little too many steps for me.
Wednesday was a bit of a Blur for me, and I tend not to cook much on this day.We usually do something simple, like soup or sandwiches This week, however, I did manage to find some time to cook something, and made Mrs Criddles Cauliflower Chowder , which is a family favorite.
I usually do my grocery shopping online through Walmart. This week, i was able to purchase some riced veggies online(we have a lot of health nuts around these parts, so this item is pretty hit or miss. So, Thursday we had Cauliflower Fried, which is one of my personal favorites.
  One of the things I need to work on is incorporating more of the drinks into my plan. I truly believe that these are more helpful than anything, and I find I have lost more on the weeks that I have incorporated them. I happened to discover an amazing GGMS recipe this week. If you don't know what a GGMS is, see here.
   This week, I discovered that I could take leftover peach juice from my canned peaches, and make a really tasty GGMS out of it. I made a peach lemonade.It was delicious! I struggle with the drink portion of THM, mostly because I am, so the was huge!

So, that was my week in a nutshell, food wise. Next week, I will deal with how to do THM on a budget. Typically, I spend around 80$ a week for a family of three,next week I am going to attempt to cut that in half.
Also, in the works is a GGMS challenge, where I will come up with several GGMS recipes to share

STARTING WEIGHT:272    CURRENT WEIGHT:222(started the year at 232!, and have lost almost al of my holiday pounds!)