Wednesday, March 2, 2011

American Idol:Top 24 The guys

Well, the time has come America to vote your top 10 into the competition. Its going to be tough this year, there is soo much talent. The guys were up first last night.Man,soo much talent.
Clint Jun Gamboa, “Superstitious" Out of the guys left he is probably one of my least favorites. I think it may be the However, his performance last night of this song was quite good, and if we were basing it by performance alone, i think he would make it. Since it is a popularity contest, however, I dont think he will make it through.Well shall see
*Jovany Baretto, “I’ll Be.”  What a complete waste of airtime....I really cannot beleieve that they let this guy through. Hes pretty, but this is a singing competition, not Mr USA. Go Home. Back to the shipyuard for you. If he does make it through, it will be based on looks alone, and not for talent.
*Jordan Dorsey, “OMG.”  OMG is right, what were you thinking?heres a guy with an amazing talent,and he chooses to waste it on a song in which he hopes will attract more female fans. Cmon, dude.......
*Tim Halperin, “Streetcar Symphony.” Another one of my least favorite contestants,I just dont think hes really that good.Just because you can sing while playing piano doent make you talented.Then again, we havent seen a whole lot of him.So, its a maybe for me.Bad song choice.
*Brett Loewenstern, “Light My Fire.”  You just cant help but like this kid, he is a great performer, and could outlast anyone in a hair flipping contest. He is in my top five for sure, but Im a bit worried he wont get enough votes. If he doesnt make it to top five, he will def be a wild card pic for the judges I think.........
James Durbin "Another thing comin"I give him the best performance of the night. I like him as a person,but to me it just seems like he is trying a little too much to be like Adam lambert. He will definately make it through for sure.
*Robbie Rosen, “In the Arms of an Angel.” aw, poor Robbie, poor,poor Robbie. This was a very weak performance. Ive been a fan in the past, but he just isnt top 10 material. I predict him and his nose will be on a plane home very soon. But theres always next year.
*Scotty McCreery, “Letters From Home.” Ok, this guy is flat out amazing, and did you hear all of the cheers? He has quite a fan base. I honestly dont think guy even needs idol to make it, with the talent that he has. He could go to nashville and pick up some sort of record deal. Im interested to see how he does, and if he will show some versatility, because that is very important.....Top 5 for sure.
*Stefano Langone, “Just The Way You Are.” it was a good song, but it was just too nasal for me.Theres not more I can say about him except that i hope he goes home..........
Paul McDonald, “Maggie Mae.” This guy is such a cutie, and he has such a unique quality to his voice. Im just not picking up on the qwirky thing that everyone has been referring to,he doesnt appear that way at all to me..........
*Jacob Lusk, “House is Not a Home.” Wow. What God given talent this guy has. He appears to be the resisdent AI religious guy. Such a big strong voice, and he gave it 100 percent last night. Great song choice plus talent plus incredible performance = top 5
*Casey Abrams, “I Put a Spell on You.” Ah, they saved the best for last.Yes, ill admit, I am a huge casey fan, my money is on him, but this perfomance i was not digging at all. It almost seemed forced and like he was acting, and not displaying his true talent, but trying to put on a show.......he sure has some bad to the one music skills.
So, my top 5(ok, I cant narrow it down to five, so i am going to do 6) predictions are as follows:
Casey Abrams
paul macdonald
Scotty Mccreery
jacob Lusk
Brett  Loewenstern
James Durbin