Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Veggie Quest Week 2

So, I am well into my second week of no meat. Did I mention I am not having any caffeine or bread eiether? I have lost about 6 pounds. Not bad in one week......I feel like crap. But "they" say thats a sign that toxins are leaving your body. The tiredness, the achyness, the headaches......suprisingly enough i have not been very cranky. Which usually goes hand in hand with being tired and hungry. Fruits and veggies are pretty filling, who knew?lol.
So, a suprising side effect I have had is smoother skin. My skin is not as dry. I am not sure if this is due to the extra veggies or what, but I like it. It has also been clearer. i have rosacea,which is a reddening skin condition. Here lately, it has been horrible,I tend to look like I have constant sunburn.Even with make-up on, I still get the "oh, we got some sun today" comments. No red skin this week. Not even a little bit. Its weird.Im thinking it was the caffeine.
Can I just say how much i hate scales? Not for the obvious reasons,they just seem very tempermental to Mine seems to have a mind of its own lately. Why yes, rachel, I will weigh you today. Then the next day its "nope, dont feel like it today, sorry. You'll have to come back at a more conveneint time".
So, that it for now, I will try to check in weekly and post about my progress(or lack therof). Hubby and i are going on a mini-cation next month(its like a vacation only and I am trying to lose at least 15 pounds before then, so we will see.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Giraffes for Ola

Ola Helland is a guy from Norway who is trying to collect one million images of "hand made" giraffes by 2011. Besides of a bet with a friend, he's got a deeper reason for this project:

"The giraffes cannot be drawn on a computer since the whole point of this project is to give the digital world a break and let humans be humans for just a little while. People spend too much time in front of their TVs and computers. It's time to create something with your hands! Something you can feel, touch and hold! I don't care how you make you giraffe(s) as long as it's not on a computer. Try being old fashioned for once, it actually is a lot of fun."

"Getting one million giraffes in such a short timeframe is impossible. Or is it? That's what I'm trying to find out. Yes. I know it means that I need about one giraffe a minute. And that I'm not even close to making it at this pace. But at this point it really doesn't matter if I make it to a million. It would be mindblowingly cool if I did, but consider this for a second: There are people all over the world drawing giraffes right now. Isn't that cool? I think it's really, really cool. I think it's very interesting to see how many giraffes I will get, but it's even more interesting and fun to just sit back and look at all the amazing giraffes that are pouring in. Have you looked in the gallery? There's some really amazing stuff in there. So. If you think this is only about reaching a million you've kinda missed the point of the project. It doesn't matter if I make to a million. I really, really want to and I'm still working towards that goal, but at this point it's just fun to see people all over the world turning off their TVs, putting their computers away and sitting down and drawing giraffes. Old school style. People spend too much time being digital. They should try be analog, being human, creating something real (not 0's and 1's) for a change. Most people love it when they try it.

This would be a great summer project for your kids, or even for yourself.

Click Here: One Million Giraffes

Good luck with your project