Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The resolve to resolve

Christmas is over. Only 360 more days until it is here again. Happy New year everyone!!!! There is something exciting about starting a new year, a joy in beginning afresh. Just the mere mention of it brings comfort and hope. Its time to forget the former things,this years past failures and regrets, and focus on new things.A few days ago, I wrote down all of my regrets from this year(as well as some from previous years that I was holding onto),wadded them up into a ball, and set them ablaze. It was a very liberating experience, and if there are things you are holding onto from your past, i would encourage you to do the same. Or maybe bury them in your backyard, whatever works best for you.Since, I am on the subject, i might as well mention at least one of the things that was on my piece of paper. For years I have wanted to audition for American Idol. I knew if I could just make it there, it would open a door for me somehow. This was the year i was going to do it, and had managed to build up enough confidence to do so. Found out they werent coming to Texas this year. Bummer. And rightfully so, afterall,the lack of talent here the past few years has been horrible. It wouldnt be soo bad except this year I turned 28, and that is the oldest you can be. So unless they change the rules or something, i can pretty much flush that dream down the toliet.
That brings me to my next topic which is resolutions.Why do we make them and why do we break them? According to my local newspaper,the following 10 are the most popular: 1. Diet and loosing weight 2.Quitting smoking 3.Exercising 4.Quit Drinking 5.Stop procrastinating 6. Saving Money
7.Go to church 8. Wake up early 9. Stop Cursing and number 10. spending more time with family.
I must admit, I have never been one to keep my resolutions(SHHH!!!!! Dont tell anyone),but this year i am resolving to resolve . Over the Christmas holidays i actually got a chance to scrapbook,and i happened to be in a few of the pictures. What I saw really grossed me out,literally. i wanted to throw up. Then to make things even worse, my father in law recorded me and my husband boxing on the Wii. Enough said. He doesnt know it yet, but I deleted all of the pictures of me off his camera. Heh heh heh, I am soo evil.....lol. So you can imagine what my resoloution is. My other one is to wake up early. We have never been much of a breakfast eater in this household, and i would really like to change that. So I am going to attempt to make a really good breakfast once a week. I think thats doable, after all it is the most important meal of the day.
Over the next few weeks, i am going to blog about various resoloution topics,including one of my favorites, nail biting. Why do we do the things we do,and what are some steps we can do to resolve not to do them? I am on a mission to find out.

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