Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Complain Complain Complain

 Wow, I cant beleive it has been a whole month since I have posted.

"Do all things without murmurings and disputings" Philippians 2:14

This verse has really been in my spirit the past day or two. Lets face it. We are all complainers. We complain about people. We complain about our jobs. We complain about how other people do their jobs.We even complain about what other people complain about. Call it what you want: having an opinion,expressing how you feel.....blah blah blah. Its complaining. Plain and smple. Everyone does it. And if we dont do it, we are thinking about doing it and that is just as bad.
    Here is the thing about complaining though. Sometimes when we whine or complain it can take the joy out of things. There are certain situations in our lives that we complain about which were never meant to frustrate us, but that which God intended to bring us joy. When we "murmur" or complain it takes away from that and just makes life less fun. Life was meant to be fun,not some big complaint fest.
   So, take a look at your life and the situations you are facing. Those simple mundane tasks we do every day, or maybe another person. Take that thing in which you have been complaining about and ask yourself"am I making my life less fun by doing this,and is this something  that maybe God put in my life to bring me happiness"?

Thats all

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