Monday, October 18, 2010

Who let the cats out.............

Wow, what a crazy past couple of weeks this has been.I think I have coined a new term.Instead of using the words  "Im busy" I am going to start saying "Im October" to replace it."Can you come today". "No, sorry, Im October"It never ever fails, this 10th month of the year is always the busiest time for us as a family.Every year we participate in a production called hell house at our church(google it), so I have also coined the terms BHH and AHH. Before Hell HOuse and after Hell House,after HH meaning some time in November and BHH meaning SEptember."Ill let you know AHH" is a phrase which is very common for me.
ok, Im back,30 minutes That was some good stew. I hate how the meat shrivels up when you cook it though. =(
  So anyway, yeah, Ive been busy.Between school and church it just doesnt end. But I wouldnt have it any other way.
This week has been an interesting one,my daughter came down with "cat scratch disease" also know as cat scratch fever. I didnt know such a thing actually existed but yup.Its more common in kittens whose immune systems arent fully developed yet, you can get the bacteria.So, in honor of her, I have put together this blog of psycho cat photos, I hope you enjoy =)
Kittynotcute.jpg 04-05-07 image by NekoTheSpook

Cat big yawn by Jorge Planas Ronaldo at the end of a yawn by elipson wide open by mosippy barley roar by a big misunderstanding psycho kitty by mosippy Yelling Tussi by vanstaffs My! What Big Teeth You Have!! by rainy city Stop the shots and FEED ME!!! by nockel64 Leave me alone!!  Get it??????? by Tibby is finally back! eli_yawn1 by photodude888 Cats are entitled to be lazy 5 by tanakawho Arrr, Matey! by pairadocs So sleeep!! by RobyD LOL CATS by shadamai HAI! (explored) by Kine. Not Just a Pretty Face by ohsillymonkey Are we about done taking pictures yet? by Fort Photo Vampire cat.... by pippy & timmy Kitty Yawns....................

Have a great day =)

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