Friday, August 8, 2014

Oil Testimonial of the Week:Cypress

It has been a crazy busy past few weeks at mi casa. I recently just got back from a fun cross country trip with my daughter and her youth group. I was able to share my oils with a few with them, and so was my daughter,which was cool.About 34 hours total spent driving in a van. As we were on on way home however,5 hours away from home to be exact(after about 12 plus hours of driving), I noticed that my ankles were largely swollen probably to at least twice their size. To say that I was a bit freaked out is a bit of an understatement,after all my ankles never swell, at least they havent since I was pregnant 14 years ago. I managed to somehow make it home,but i was miserable. As soon as i got home, I immediately plopped on the recliner so I could prop my feet up for better circulation. All of a sudden I remembered reading something about cypress for edema(I diagnosed myself with travel related I'll be honest, I havent used cypress a whole bunch since I purchased it, in fact I only bought it to use in my
         So, what else is Cypress good for, other than water retention related issues? It also works great for swelling period, and works to help localize blood flow. It also works great for reducing the appearance of varicose veins. True story. If you know someone who has roaches(yuk!), you can mix cypress with peppermint to make a very effective bug spray. It also works great for breathing related issues, and the list goes on..........after this week, if definately ranks higher up on my lists of "must haves". Who knew that the leaves and cones of the Cypress tree could have such a powerful effect on our health? God did! Thats who =)  Until next time.........................

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