Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Free weiners

Wow, has it really been that long since Ive blogged? Got to be more careful............
So, tonight is the idol finale,and i havent commented in over two weeks on this. I am just totally blown away. You have Kris and you have Adam,two polar opposites. Kris totally slid under my radar and several others..............he was the second favorite of alot of people, and because he was the second favorite,he got alot of votes when the favorites got voted off. When Scott got voted off, his fans started voting for Matt, when matt got voted off they started voting for Kris,etc..........all the Allison fans went to Adam,securing his place in F2. And all of Danny's fans will vote for Kris this week, including me...............For the first time in idol history,I was wrong about who the final two were going to be, and I dont have a clue who is going to win tonight. Im loosing my touch apparently. Ive been able to predict it every year until this year. Idol has been pretty unpredictable for sure. I do know one thing. I am pretty sick of Adam. He isnt versatile. He didnt do a single slow, love type song this season. All of his songs were upbeat. And although that is his style,the fast upbeat stuff, it really doesnt show his versatility and the full extent of what he can and cant do. A true artist can sing the phonebook, as paula often puts it..........they can do it slow, medium, fast,standing on their head,on one foot, They can be themselves,not pretend to be someone else. I am not Adam bashing, i like the guy, Im just saying, i dont think he has shown us who he fully is and what he is capable of. Hes wayy too theatrical..........I could be wrong but Im pretty sure Kris was destined for this.We shall see.
So, now moving on to a different subject. lets talk about swine flu. Here we had multiple school districts close for a week or more. Ive been seeing strange things like shopping cart wipes, people carrying hand sanitizer around in their buggies,people in protective white suits with masks(ok, not really, but that would be funny) all seems to be winding down somewhat. Honestly, I dont know why everyone is freaking out over this stuff. Over 12,000 americans die from the actual flu every year.Sometimes I wonder if these health crisis's are government
Well, thats about all i can think of right now.Swap-Bot and My Etsy Store have been keeping me pretty busy.Friday is my birthday so i may write something about birthdays........... boring I know.
Oh yeah, for today only, Kraft is giving out free weiners:

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