Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Idol Musings

I was totally suprised last week by the double elimination,but Im glad we got all of the bad ones out of the way.You had the r and B wannabe and the R and B should be who did everything but....lol. Now its time for the true talent of the competition to shine.On tonight's American Idol, the top five finalists sang the standards of the Rat Pack era (think Vegas, the sixties, Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr and Dean Martin).

Jamie Foxx was the mentor this week.

Kris Allen was up first and sang The way you look tonight. I cant beleive Im saying this, but I think I agree with Simon when he made the comment that he sounded "wet"

Allison Iraheta sang, "Someone to Watch Over Me" and did pretty well. Once again, I agree with Simon when he says she lacks the confidence to win the compitiion. I am having my doubts as to whether she will make it to top 2........top three is really pushing it, but we shall see. My opinion is starting to change about her.

Matt Giraud did "My Funny Valentine" , and sung it really low,too low if you ask me.Judges loved it though, and Simon called it brilliant. I still think as far as genuine talent goes,he by far has it. He has God given talent, and unlike Adam,it didnt come with years and years of practice, it really just kindve comes naturally to him

Danny Gokey performed, "Come Rain or Come Shine" and it was ok. Simon thought it was great. If he wants to make it to final 2, he needs to do better than that

Adam Lambert sang, "Feeling Good" with his usual excellent vocals,but needs to cool it with the theatrics.People are getting really sick of it. I want to see something more toned down,perhaps a love song of some sort.

My pics for bottom three this week are Kris, matt, and Allison, with Kris going home,but you never know what suprises may happen.We shall see.

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