Wednesday, April 1, 2009

More Idol Thoughts

So, last week we said goodbye to Michael Sarver. I really thought, based on his last performance alone, that they should have saved him. I wasnt able to watch last weeks performances,so I dont know whether to agree with America or not.
So heres a recap of last night. i will start with who i think did the worst, and who i thought did the best. Worst, hands down was Anoop. I am soo not feeling the whole R and B thing with him, he seems more Clay aikenish to me. He totally butchered that Usher song, and came across as a wannabe.Totally agree with Simons comment. There seems to be alot of that going around. He looked stiff and a little constipated the whole I dont think he will go home tonight, however, because he has a pretty huge fan base.
The best performance of the evening was a tie between Danny and Scott. Danny did an amazing job with what hurts the most by Rascal Flatts. he really captivated the audience,and almost brought me to tears. it was soo hearrtfelt, you could feel the emotion, and really tell that he was putting his whole self into that song. I have to admit, i have been a fan of scotts, but not of his vocals,probably because he is blind, for the most part, but last night his vocals and his ability really shone through with Billy Joel's Just the way you are.
And then we have the rest of them, dear Megan Joy who sang yet another older song. She could have picked anything, and she chose Turn your lights down low,which is a Bob Marley song. Boo!!!!!!!! I like her voice, but her song selections are going to be the death of her.I dont think a stool is her problem, paula. Although, maybe it would keep her from doing that stupid dance that she does.Please go home, Ryder needs you.Song selection seemed to be the downfall of most of the contestants,with the exception of Allison and Kris. Allison just didnt have a great night, and the clothes were very distracting. I love No Doubts Dont speak, and she did a good job, it just wasnt her best. Lil should have done an R and B song, instead she chose a Celine Dion song................she gets points from me because her daughter went up and hugged randy, that was just precious. I think her daughter may have kept her there another week. Which brings me to Matt. I really like him. I should have voted for him. he messed up one of my favorite songs,once again, not sticking to his own personal style,trying to please the judges,etc.At this point, i dont think he has a big enough fan base to keep him around.
Bottom three tonight: Matt, Megan Joy,and megan Joy(oh, wait a I predict Matt will go home,we'll see..........
I probably wont have anymore idol thoughts for awhile,because my Tuesday evenings are going to be occupied, but we will see. If Rachel had her way, this is how the rest of the season would go:
9. Megan Joy
8. Anoop Desai
6.Scott MacIntyre
5.Matt Jiraud
4.Kris Allen
3.Adama lambert(hmm, was that a typo?)
2.Allison Iraheta
1.Danny Gokey

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