Sunday, April 12, 2009

An ode to easter candy
Because i am bored and have nothing else to do
I just wanted to give a shout out to my absoloutely favorite st( as my dd would say) easter candy in all the world............the ever popular, soo yummy and scrumdidlyuptious cadbury creme egg...........Easter would not be easter without this delectable treat filled with ooey gooey caramelly goodness . It would win an easter candy throwdown against peeps anyday. Who the heck would want to eat a neon chick with no flavor and no center, that is soo boring?lol
and while we are on the peeps topic, here are some pretty hilarious pics i found:
Theres Obi-Peep
Biker Peeps
When we left our intrepid riders . . .

and my absoloute favorite peeps photo of all time:

peep smores2

Until next year cadbury Egg................see you then


  1. the peeps on the bike are hilarious! and my most favorite way to eat peeps resembles the last picture LOL but like you my favorite candy is that darn Cadbury Egg...all of it's oozey goodness! YUM!

  2. I've never eaten a Cadbury egg...

    little bird(swap-bot)

  3. Now I want to go and buy a Cadbury Creme Egg, I have resisted all Easter, yummy :)
    I have never seen or heard of a peeps, they look colourful are they tasty?

    NezumiWorld (swap-bot)

  4. The biker peeps, are hilarious. I do like Cadbury eggs, but I can only eat a bite, they are just too sweet for me! I got some peeps for Easter too, always a favorite.

    Kyrian (swap bot)