Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Uncle Sam you can..............

Im going to be nice and not finish that sentence.........its ok, Im human.So, tomorrow is April 15th,otherwise known as tax deadline day in the United states. i dread this day to no end,which is why i am writing this blog, trying to avoid the inevitable. I hate having to give the government our hard earned money,knowing that it might go to support something I dont want our funds supporting like abortion,or redecorating the homeland security headquarters.That money that could go to something really important,like a car for me........ Its always a hard time of year, and i shed many many tears. Its espcially hard when i see others getting returns and stimulus's etc, when we get nothing,and probably make way less than these people do.Spending it on frivilous crap like Flatscreens and Nintendo Wiis, it just really makes me want to vomit. Its not fair, but as I always tell my daughter life isnt fair.....lol. Its a big shot in the foot, especially this year, all the economy stuff,etc.
Speaking of jobs and the economy, I have been looking for things to do online, and suprisingly I have found some interesting prospects,sadly i havent had much time to look into them,but I will let you know what comes of it..........much to my suprise, there are a ton of companies,well known ones at that, that offer work at home positions.
Not much else to write about. Happy April 15th everyone(not). Do me a favor. Or at least think about it. If you do receive a return,do something nice for someone else,buy them a coke, take them out to dinner. Dont use it all on yourself................remember what goes around comes around, if you spread a little kindness, it will come back to you.

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