Friday, September 4, 2009

Jon and Kate plus 8

I have been a follower for the shows Jon and Kate plus 8 and 18 kids and counting for years. Due to recent events, Ive stopped watching them however. I guess they just got old after a while. By now everyone knows about the very public break up of Jon and Kate Gosselin. Its very sad. But,its reality. It happens to people everyday. I, for one saw it coming years ago. Im not taking sides,but Kate, shame on you. The way you publicly treated Jon on TV was horrible. If you treat him like that in public, I hate to see how you treated him in private. Not that i am taking sides. But there were weeks I would watch and literally want to throw something at you because of the way you treated him. That is not how a wife is supposed to treat a husband.............granted, we dont know what goes on behind closed doors, and he may have deserved it at times,but still. In my years of watching, I never saw him demean you or disrespect you in front of the camera. I know life was stressful for the two of you. It shouldnt have been all ways about the kids. Somwhere along the way, the marriage became about the kids and not about Jon and Kate. Your husband should always come before your kids. God first, husband second, kids third, and then yourself. Everyone knows that.Marriage is hard work, and you have to invest time in it, go on dates,put one another before yourselves,etc. I heard , or actually read somewhere that Jon wanted to throw the series out the window years ago, and that you wanted to continue. Ride it for all that it was worth. If it werent for those little blessings, you wouldnt have been able to live it up and go on all those book tours,and eat steak and lobster dinners, and leave Jon at home with the kids for weeks at a time.Shame on you. and shame on you for continuing the series after the seperation. I dont know if that was your doing, but Im guessing it was. Thats pretty pathetic..............I for one think its sad and will no longer be watching.
And Jon, I am getting to you. What are you thinking having a relationship with a 23 yr old girl? Jon, you are still married, can you at least wait until the divorce is final? Sheesh. Would you like any of your girls parading around with a married man at 23 years of age?
So, those are my current annoyances as far as that whole saga is concerned. Im anxious to see Jons interview on tuesday on abc with Chris Cuomo.
I was going to touch on the Duggars, but will save that for another day.

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