Monday, June 14, 2010

Masterpiece Theatre

 Wow, I have been having mucho computer problems the past month or so, that explains my absence. Time to get some more memory I guess. Oh, and I am never downloading a ton of pictures ever
    So, we are one book report away and half a lapbook from being "done" with school this year. As a homeschooling family, I dont think we are ever done,but from here on out it will be very minimal for awhile.Lots of stuff going on.
     I didnt get my license. I am going to give myself until the end of the summer. Getting practice time in is hard when you have to have a licensed operator in the front seat, and the only licensed operator  I can drive with is gone most of the time. I didnt realize how difficult parralel parking would be(maybe it was just me). Lessons learned:Dont practice driving with a child in the car. Especially when the child in question is yelling things like "we are gonna die",etc. lol.
     I got to go on vacation on my birthday and it was by far the most fantabulous family vacation we have ever been on. The cheapest too, at only right around 300 dollars. It was such a wonderful thing to wake up on my birthday morning to see the mountains in close view.Theres nothing better than experiencing Gods creation first hand. Its like looking at a huge giant painting.A Masterpiece that was created for us to enjoy. I will post a pic when I get my other modem back.Words certainly cannot describe it. We went hiking as a family, and it was a very challenging experience.  At the national park we were at, thats pretty much all there was to do. There were several options, an 11 mile hike, 8 mile, or 4 mile. Of course we went with the 4 mile, but it turned out to be the most difficult. Its wasnt called devils hall for I think they call it that because of how you feel It felt pretty good though to ber able to finish it, and then later see these "young" teenagers, come back from the trail unfinished gasping for breath. yeah, I still got it  =) Later on as we were leaving, we found out the trail we went on was also the most popular one for the mountain lions. Isnt that We also ventured out to New Mexico(never been) to visit family, but our trip was cut short by forrest fires and a really bad, bad accident.Seeing stuff like that really makes a person want to drive, let me tell ya =(
I dont want to make this super long, so I wont. Have soo much more to say, but I will save it for another day.............

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