Saturday, November 20, 2010

Gobblle Gobble

Wow, where did this month go?Did someone say it was December? You would think it was with all of the Christmas trees put up, lights strung,etc.Oh, its not? What?!?! Its still November? Well, you could have fooled me...........
I find myself in the same situation every year. I spend most of November agravated.People are too worried about December and Christmas, that they forget what Thanksgiving is all about.It truly doesnt get the credit it deserves.I am not putting Christmas down by any means,it is one of my favorite holidays. I just wish people paid more attention to Thanksgiving, thats all. Next year I am determined to put up a thanksgiving tree in my house, complete with Turkey lights, or something to that effect.To me, Thanksgiving is the foundation for the Christmas season.Well, actually Christ is the foundation for Christmas, but you get what I am saying.
       Anyway, so here I am tryin to plan a low fat thanksgiving. should be fun.So far apple cider brussel sprouts, crustless pumpkin pie, and a green salad are on the menu. and of course turkey.I think I just gained 5 pounds typing I will just have turkey salad.
  Whatever you eat, wherever you spend this turkey day, I hope you have a blessed one. And please take the time  to be thankful.Make a list.Count your blessings

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