Thursday, November 4, 2010

Its Turkey Butt Kicking Time!!!!!!

*Sigh* Its November. The busyness is over. For the time being that is. I have only one goal this month: To kick Thanksgiving in the

 I am participating in a weight loss challenge with a group of friends at church,and so far I am doing fairly well. I have been drinking a ton of water, which is a miracle in itself, because normally it makes me terribly sick. My goal is to lose 42-45 pounds in 42 days. we will see. I realize a pound a day isnt really healthy, but I am pretty big and........The winner gets alot of money. I am hoping I win because i really want a pea Among other things.Ive long come to realize there are alot of things i cannot change but there are some things I can and its high time I start to change the things I can. This is one of those things.So, I am going to try to post weekly updates. There is one thing I know. eating healthy is soooooooooo expensive.I am most definately going to try to grow my own garden in the spring.Should be interesting, I tend to look at plants and they die , so we will see how that is a horrifying before picture for all to see:

me at 260 pounds(obviously I am being very goofy in this pic) Thats all for now, will write more soon.............

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