Saturday, June 1, 2013

Pinterest Party Part 1

Ok, so this summer I am picking 25 random things off of Pinterest(I may do more if time allows) that I want to do. These include everything from crafts i want to make, to organizing ideas, beauty things, whatever. This blog post is dedicated to the first half of my list. My goal is to have the first part of the list done by July. I am challenging all of my friends to do the same and blog about each pin that they check off of their list. These are in random order:

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Art   Wall
So, we are past the pre-k art stage( I think that may be what this pin was originally intended for) but I thought this would be a really great way for my 12 year old daughter, who happens to really enjoy art, to display her work. Pretty sure I am not going to do the buckets. Still not sure where we are going to put it, most likely in her room. You can find the link for this here.  I have recently discovered Jenn's Blog Clean and Scentsible on Pinterest, and I think you will enjoy it. My next pin comes fro her website as well.


Lemonade Bar
also found off the clean and scentsible site, thought this was a really cute idea. Depending on what size basket you have, you could use some starbucks Frapachino bottles( I know I spelled that wrong), or some mason jars. You could also use more that three bottles for more options. She has printable labels on her site.

Kitchen Command Center

Ok, so mine definately wont
't be this elaborate, being that there are only three of us, will probably only be half this size. But its definately going to happen. I am thinking this will probably be one of my more difficult projects to take on.......

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Apartment Therapy
I have a banister that looks somewhat similar to this. This wont take me long to do at all  =) Hooray for simple projects that make a huge difference!

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Pizza Box Organizer. Doesnt need much Explanation. This one is a little plain, Im sure mine will be decorated a bit more.......whew! halfway there.....

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I Love this!!! This one appears to have been done with paint pens. I think I just might tackle this one first.....

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What Pinterest Party would be complete without an Angry Bird Pizza .We may have to make some of his friends as well.

Hot Dog Bar
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and what summer would be complete without one of these? We have done something similar to these before, but it wasnt this fancy. Im thinking menus and everything........have family that will be down on the 4th so this should be extra fun.
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Greenhouse made from discarded windows
My parents recently remodeled their home, and have all of these old windows left over from that remodel. I told them to hold onto them,because I just knew that I could figure out something to do with them. Here we go! I cannot wait to tackle this. This will be a two person project, so I will have to have my husband help out. Not sure if Im going to make a big one or a little one yet, but it is going to happen!

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Necktie Pillows
for a list of  really cool necktie crafts visit here. These are going to be amazing.

So that, my friends, is part 1. I hope there will be a part 2, but I am not going to rush it, because I want to enjoy the experience. I look forward to posting pics of my creations.......

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