Thursday, May 30, 2013

No Regrets

So, its official. I exhale with high velocity at this blogging thing . I mean, cmon, my last post was in August. Ridiculous.Last fall(2011) I started going back to school. This past fall, I actually started attending back  campus. Some friends thought it would be cool take a music theory course together. Music is something I have always wanted to pursue, and is a huge part of my life. I want to grow and get better at it. I have always been one to make up excuses why I couldn't and I finally got tired of that and started thinking of reasons of why I should. My biggest excuse was because it would be too hard, you know the theory and ear training part of it. Its definately been a challenging to say the least, but it has also been alot of fun. For example, this past November, i took part in an opera workshop. That was a first for me, i have never ever been exposed to opera on any level and thought that that was for a bunch of stuffy people =) but now I am in love with it to say the least.Same with jazz, had never really dabbled with that,but was able to this past spring. I was even able to attend an opera and a musical theatre show(Camelot) for the first time with my fellow students. I would not have been able to do all of this(and i am just getting started), had I continued to make up excuses. I try my best to live a life of no regrets. If there is an opportunity that comes about, and I know later that I will regret not doing it, then I do it.........
     So, why am I doing this? Well, Im glad you asked. To be honest, I have no I just felt led by God to do it. I dont know what plans he has for me as far as this goes, butI do know that they are good plans. I am staying very ministry focused, but alot of ideas are swirling in my mind. If I could do anything, I would want to perform. Eiether lead worship or just perform for a living, you know, make money doing it. But the reality of it is that most music majors go into some sort of teaching, so I may end up teaching voice. I wouldnt mind having my own studio......
  So,now that you know what I have been up to, in between going to school full time, and homeschooling(yes, we are still doing that,lucklily most of her stuff is eiether online or on the computer), I guess you can understand why i havent been on much. Plus my life really isnt that interesting
Thats my story and Im sticking to it.

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