Monday, January 9, 2017

New year, New Blog

So, Happy 2017 People! My blog is getting a facelift =)So, one of my new life resolutions (a friend of mine referred to their New years Resolutions as life resolutions, and I kindve  liked it, so it just stuck), is to be creative. I have this deep desire inside of me just to be creative whether it be to make something crafty, compose a song, or even to just write. Life and busyness has stifled this creativity inside me over the past several years. This homeschooling mom, and full time college student has been busy, ya'll.

So, about 3 years ago I decided to dedicate this blog to just essential oil related things. Well, that worked out well for awhile, but things got complicated, then there that whole FDA compliant thing......which is confusing and blah blah blah.Dont get me wrong, Im still very much pro-oil, but there are soo many other things in which I am passionate that I like to talk about. Jesus. Trim Healthy Mama(more on that in another post),homeschooling,crafts,music and worship and the list goes on and on.Im a little ADD at times(lol), so there is no sense on putting a limit on what I can talk about on here. So, in 2017 you will be seeing a lot more of a little bit of everything  on here. Im also going to do my best to make weekly videos on facespace(also known as Facebook ), and youtube.

Heres to a blessed and more creative 2017!

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