Thursday, January 8, 2009

Resale shop owners of the world UNITE

Ok,first, i just wanted to apologize for the really goofy Im really very sorry. I wanted to take a few minutes and talk about this lead testing law that is coming into effect.Over the past few days there has been quite an uproar in internetland over this. originally, this new law was going to require all toys and clothing, old and new to be tested for lead. This was to include books as well. Naturally alot of small businesses started to get angry, and worry that they would have to go out of business, after all, it costs anywhere from 100-1500 dollars for an item.Since I get most of my daughters clothes used, I was quite upset over this as well. Then just today, I heard that this was going to include used books, and that just set me off my get all of my books off of amazon, ebay,etc. I decided to do my research,and have no fear America,I bring good news:

For those that dont know as of February 10th, every toy, book, clothing item that is manufactured from that date on has to be tested for lead.If not, there could be some serious repercussions, like jail and not to mention about 100,000 dollars in fines and fees. Now, this doesnt effect me all that much anymore. But it does still affect small business owners in some way. What if they sell someone something with a high lead content that they didnt have tested? It seems to me like a lose lose situation................your eiether out thousands upon thousands of dollars or you run the risk of possibly going to jail. I really hope they get this all worked out,because it seems like a pretty good law.

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