Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Thank you President Bush

Today is a very important day in history,no doubt. The first African american president. WOW. America has definately come a long way. I didnt vote for him,but I am looking forward to seeing what he can do.Everyone talks about the past 8 years, how the economy has gone bad,etc, etc, but I just wanted to take the time on my blog to publicly thank President George W. Bush for the service he has done for our country, and probably most important, for keeping our country safe from terroristic threats and attacks. He may have not been the most eloquent, the best looking, most charismatic president.But he is a God fearing ,praying man, and I dont know about you, but that ranks very high in my book. Here is a list of just a few of the good things he did while in office:

. His Character-"Courage", doing the right thing regardless of the cost to himself.
. Enhanced interrogation of terrorists..

. We can't forget how Bush rebuilt presidential authority and brought dignity back into the office which was taken down by Clinton.

. His support for Israel.

. No Child Left Behind. .

. He strengthened relations with east Asian democracies: .

. Bush never wavered on Stem Cell Research.

. Bush freed an oppressed people both in Iraq and Afghanistan.I will never forget when the statue of saddam was torn down or even better, when they found him. We have Bush to thank for that.

. Bush has helped Iraq to be a free nation .

. Bush cut taxes, got rid of the marriage penalty and raised the child tax credit. This was a huge thing(in my book anyway)

So thank you, President Bush. For your service to our country and for the contributions you have made to progress our country(although they may seem insignificant to some). They will not be forgotten.

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