Monday, February 2, 2009

Project of the week

From time to time, i am going to post different projects that I am working on,products Ive tried,books Ive read,or recipes Ive attempted to make(notice i said Recently, i got introduced to the world of ATCs. What are atcs? well, they artist trading cards, about the size of a baseball card,little pieces of cardstock decorated with whatever:buttons,lace,ribbon,paint,etc. The idea is to trade them with a bunch of people, and put them in a binder as you would a sportscard. It sounded like fun, and i am always up for a challenge, so i decided to take a crack at it and this is what i came up with. I have decided to devote a few hours a week to crafting, since it is something I really enjoy. I figured it would help me destress a little. Hope you like.


  1. Good job on the atcs! Also, I am glod that you got your picture up!

  2. ATC's are addictive and a ton of fun!
    Thanks for the link.
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