Thursday, June 11, 2009

90 in '09

Greetings from the world of weightlossland...............Im here to report my discoveries and findings, since it has been awhile since Ive done that. I am a third of the way through to my 90 in '09 goal..............but at this rate I will be happy with 60. To lose 60 more pounds I would have to lose ten each month for the next 6 months,and that is completely do-able but not without torturing myself . I have been pretty sucessful at non torture thus far,giving in to my cravings from time to time.Pizza, Burgers,DQ brownie batter Blizzards, its ok to have these, but in moderation.........Me and the hubs are going to have chinese this weekend,where i will meet with a new love of
So, up until this far I have been semi sucessful without the aide of exersize .Here more recently I have dealved into the world of protein shakes. I got excited when the label said to mix with your favorite beverage but quickly learned that it does not taste well with iced So, i have been mixing mine with good ol' OJ,Sunny D to be more specific. It has a somewhat gritty taste,and for some reason they do not sit well with me. I have a sneezy, sore throat type of reaction going on,so i have to do it in moderation..........
So, like I said, i have done well without exercise up until this point. I recently added some in. I have been scrimping and pinching my pennies for months, and purchased a wii for my birthday, or as i like to call it, exercise in I am totally digging the boxing, probably a little too much...............even my daughter, who needs the physical activity as much as I do is digging it, and has shed a few pounds. Im telling you, whoever came up with this concept is a get your physical activity in while playing a video game, what an idea!!!! I am sure I will grow tired of it eventually,I know right now my body is already tired of I am hurting in places I never even knew existed :-)
Ok, Im back :-) So, I am going to try to get a gym membership next week, and go at least once a week with my hubby.It will be nice to have a pool to go to as well. i am hoping to find a gym buddy. I know several people who go there, so we shall see............He keeps doing the "belly slap" thing as if its some kind of rite of package or medal of husband)
So, thats about all i have to report on the diet/exercise front. For awhile there, I was doing the 6 small meals a day, and if you can swing it, I highly reccommend it,it really does work. I just found it hard to stop what i was doing ever 2 hours to stop and eat.......
Thats it, and remember, if I can do it, anyone can............

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