Friday, January 28, 2011

AI 10: Nashville Auditions

OMG, Ive got two words for you America. Lauren Alaina . Theres just nothing more to say about the Nashville Auditions. That girl can blow.They might as well shut everything down, because she is going to win, and if she doesnt win, she will at least make it to top 5. Lord have mercy. Watch the video. She almost made Steven Tyler cry. And their duet gave me goosebumps.Wow.Normally I wouldnt give props to someone soo young, but wow.She stole the show.

  Some other noteworthy auditions that I dont want to leave out:Matt Dilliard, Jackie Wilson(lose the old guy) ,Adrian Beasley(I have never heard a black girl talk like that, Jimmie Allen(too much like Jerome, they wont both make it), and Paul MacDonald.

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