Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Hap Hap Happy New year

Wow. January. Can we just slow down already?This month is always the craziest. Its always the month I feel the most hopeful, yet the most down. Its the one month you just wish would hurry up,but then again dont want it to go too fast because that would make it February and who is ready for that? Im not. Something soo refreshing about "starting anew" and yet soo scary about the uncertainty of whats to come. Yep, thats january for you.
  So, this year my motto is "No regrets",and my goalis to do everything I have "thought about" doing the past several years. Getting a part time job, and going back to school to name just a few. I am finally starting to realize, I think that things truly are possible if you just put your mind to them.I am looking into medical transcriptioning as well as a few other things.There are ways and methods and systems. You just have to find your way around them or through them.
   A Little weight loss update, I didnt win the competition, I got 2nd place(sigh). I ended up losing 24 pounds in 6 weeks which is pretty stinking good. After the competition, I decided to pout a little while and just kindve get off course a little bit, and gained like about 8 of it back. I really need to get back on track. It has been soo hard to get back on track after the holidays.
  So, thats just a little bit of an update.Happy New Year everyone.May this be the best year ever for you and yours.May you make lemons out of lemonade and learn and grow from each experience life throws at you.

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