Friday, January 21, 2011

From Messes to Masterpiece

I have a dear friend who is an amazing artist. The things she creates on canvas , if you saw them, would literally take your breathe away.She takes no credit for her works of art,she simply holds the brush,and lets God do the rest.Painting can be a messy hobby, as with any artistic sort of hobby. I imagine the paint often gets spilled, and maybe she has even gotten it on her clothing a time or two. But after the mess has been cleaned, here sits this beautiful work of art, a masterpiece, for her and others to enjoy.
     Art and painting are alot like life. We all start with a blank canvas,filling it as we go with the various events of our lives.The brush is a representation of what controls us,whether it be other people, our own thoughts, wants or desires,various situations in our lives, you get the idea .As long as we, not God, are in control of the brush, we will be left with alot of messes to clean up. Its only when we allow God to take ahold of the brush that he can take our mess,whether it is created by ourselves,others, or just life in general, and turn it into a masterpiece for us to enjoy.That is also where his restoration comes in,after all he does have to restore what we ultimately screwed up
       This gets me to thinking about other types of art in general.Anyone that knows me knows that I am crafty. But what alot of people dont know is that I like to take things that would normally be thrown away in the trash, like cans, old boxes,records,and the like, and make altered functional pieces out of them. I like to give something that which otherwise be discarded new purpose and meaning,and make it beautiful.This is what God loves to do for us. He gets such pleasure and joy out of picking us up, molding and fashioning us into a beautiful piece of art. But we have to be willing.
   My friend, if you are hurting, carrying around your past mess ups and wrongdoings, or maybe troubled by something someone else has done to you, well, you dont have to be.It was never intended to be our burden to carry. Give it to God so he can create something beautiful out of it. A Masterpiece.

Rachel =)

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