Thursday, May 3, 2012

January in Review

        Nothing like a January Review in

 Whew! What a month is has been! Where do i start? Hmm, lets see, how about Christmas? It was pretty good, I guess. I am glad its over. I have decided already that next year we are eiether not giving gifts or doing just homemade ones. I have a ton of fabric I need to do something I really get joy out of making things and plus they mean more. Which leads me to my first topic. This year I am thinking about making some stuff and doing some vending. Im going to get my etsy store back up and running. I am leaning towards making things out of/everyday repurposed items. I am really excited about it and working on a plan as we speak.
      Of course january is always the month to get focused on being healthy,etc.  Well, I have done just that and am off to a good start.  I decided to try going vegan for the entire month. No dairy, no sugar, no meat. I recommend everyone to try it for at least 30 days, and i promise you that you will feel better. Now, while I am not going to stay a vegan, I am going to incorporate alot more of it into my lifestyle.  I lost 17 pounds this month and would like to keep the momentum going. I would like to be 60 pounds down by my birthday, which is in May, so we will see.  I have officially subscribed to almost every health magazine there I am even considering going to school for holistic medicine,herbology,etc. I am still praying about that one..........but it is relatively inexpensive to get a certificate, so we shall see..........
     Speaking of school, I am now in my second semester, and it hasnt kicked my booty too much thus far. I am taking all of these classes that end in ogy, including psychology which is an area i am considering majoring in. I barely have time to do anything else, which is frustrating,hence the long pause in between blog posts. I mean no one really reads this thing
     I recently got back into couponing after a long pause. Hubby hasnt worked in two months so we had no income.  I am soo thankful I had a small stockpile to lean on during that time. Looking at my records, i saved us a grand total of 3,000 dollars last year! Considering I am a beginner and I just barely got started in May, I thought that was pretty good. My goal is to save at least 10,000 this year.....
  So, thats all thats been going on in my world...........To the 2 of you who read this, thanks for stopping by =)

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