Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Supermarket Diet

   Ok, so this summer I have decided to try a different diet every week. You know , just for fun. =) I realize this is not healthy, but wanted to do it to get an idea of what is out there,so I could review it.  I will use a rating system and also report my success(or lack of)This week I am doing the supermarket diet. Basically, you eat a sensible breakfast(the plan recommends a cereal bar or bowl of cereal), then a 300 calorie or under frozen dinner for lunch, a 500 calorie or under dinner for supper, then a sensible snack in between meals, such as a yogurt or a pudding cup. The whole idea of this diet is portion control. Your portions are controlled for you, there is no going back to get seconds. It is also very convenient, and perfect for an individual who is constantly on the go , and who doesnt have time to plan meals, etc.  I have been on it almost a week, and have lost 7 pounds. This is with no exercise. I highly recommend exercise with any diet to increase health benefits and weight loss. Unfortunately, I haven't been taking my own advice . The following are my ratings for this particular diet:

Cost: **
this plan is very expensive,as is to be expected with already prepared meals
Health factor:***
you have to really watch the sodium content.If you are concerned about healthfulness, stick with Healthy Choice or Lean Cusine
Hunger :*
my tummy was constantly growling with this diet.Dislike! Then again, this is to be expected when you are not used to a certain caloric intake. It just about drove me crazy. Nothing like being kept awake at night from a growling tummy =(
I am overall pretty happy with the results. I would do this diet again. Its probably the same equivalent to  lets say Nutrisystem, except the options are greater.

If you do decide to try this diet, please try the dinner I have pictured above. It is amazinG!!!!!

20 out of 30 stars.
If you would like more information,check out the Good Housekeeping website.

Coming Soon   Morning Banana Diet Review

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  1. Ok, so I failed tremendously at the whole diet review thing. I do plan to try a few soon, and when I do, I will post about them here......