Saturday, March 29, 2014

When Life Hands you Lemons

............make lemonade, then keep the rinds, have them distilled and turned into an essential oil. Im totally kidding. If you havent figured out already, this post is about lemon essential oil and its many uses. If you are new to oils, lemon is a must have for several reasons. It is also one of the more economical oils in the oil family,which is a plus. Dont have any oils in your cabinet yet? Well lemon oil is a good place to start. Here are some reasons why:
1. Uh oh! Did you forget about the laundry in the washing machine for a couple of days? Not a problem. Just add a couple of drops of lemon oil and rewash the cycle. Your load will come out smelling lemony fresh
2.In a sticky situation? Lemon oil is excellent for removing sticky things like pine gum and tree sap, as well as any kind of gum or sticky adhesive residue.
3.Have greasy hands(or maybe you have a husband who does)? When soap just won't do, try mixing a little bit of lemon oil with it
4.Take care of leathers. lemon oil on a cloth is excellent to use on any kind of leather to keep it from splitting.
5.Lemon oil treated cloth is an excellent way to polish your silvers and keep them looking shiny
6.Got gum in your hair(lets hope Lemon oil can help you get it out.
7. Lemon oil makes a wonderful furniture polish.It leaves a nice shine,prevents finishes from drying out, and replaces lost moisture.
8.Is your toothbrush tired? Add a drop of lemon to perk it up.
9. Lemon oil is a natural odor neutralizer, great for smelly gym socks,a baby blowout,or the stinkiest thing you can imagine. Stick a few drop sin a diffuser and bing, bang , boom.
10.Shoes have scuff marks? lemon oil will take care of that.
11.Add a few drops of lemon to your dish washing soap, and your dishes will come out spot free!
12.Aphids! Control the aphids in your garden by spraying some lemon oil mixed with water on your plants, and keep your roses looking lovelier even longer.
Not only can lemon be used in cleaning, but it can be used in cooking as well:
13. add some lemon oil to your water for a refreshing boost. I do this daily and it's great!
14.Preserve your fruits and veggies: Spray a lemon oil/water mixture combo onto cut veggies to make them last longer
15.Give your food some pep: Whether it be fish or asparagus,or linguine and shrimp, add a drizzle of lemon to just about any dish to give it that little bit of zing.
28.(forgot to stick this in) Make lemonade!  Add 10-25 drops to a 12oz glass, depending on how strong you like it, and add a packet of sugar. Best lemonade EVER!
And for the body:
16.Give your hair natural highlights. Just put a little bit of lemon oil on the places where you want highlighted and then go out in the sun. Be careful! This works really well, so don't overdo it.
17.Got a small cough or scratchy throat? Add a drop of lemon to some honey. Lemon fights bacteria, as well as most viruses.
18.Lemon oil is great for nail fungus
19. having trouble getting your nails to grow? Rub some lemon oil on them.
20.Have a nasty cold sore? Put some lemon oil on it, and it takes the heat out.
21.Lemon oil makes a great exfolliant, and can help remove dead skin cells . Just add 4-5 drops to some oatmeal and water.
22.Got crusty toes? Rub some lemon oil on them and after a few days, they should soften right up
23.In a bad mood? Diffuse some lemon oil, it is also known for lifting your spirits.
24. Cant concentrate? Lemon oil is also great for focus and concentration, when diffused.
25.Got a pimple? Put a dab of lemon on it, it will take the redness out.
26.Allergies got you down? Try lemon mixed with peppermint and lavender. I swear by it!
27.Gargle with lemon oil and salt for a sore throat(another sore throat remedy)
28. see the cooking section
29.I have heard that a drop of lemon under the tongue is good for a hangover(I have never been nor will I ever have this problem, so if someone tries this, please let me know if it works for you)
and..................................#30 UTI Infections. A veggie capfull of lemon oil, as well as some in your water will help the symptoms to decrease faster.

I hope you have enjoyed my little compilation of lemon oil uses. If you have, please feel free to share. If you have any other uses to add, please comment below. Thanks soo much!

Essentially Yours,

Rachel =)

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