Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Country Week on Idol

All i can say is wow. There is some pretty amazing talent on this season of AI. I think after 8 seasons, the judges finally got it right. Its hard to say who is going to go, because they all have some really amazing vocals and loads of talent. Last week, i predicted Jorge and jasmine would go, and i was dead on. This week, based on solely thier performances this evening, I would have to say...............hmmmmm, think Ill wait a minute.
Tonight was country night, with special guest randy travis. I kept expecting someone to bust out with a randy song, but there was no randy Travis Love this evening. I think forever and ever amen would have been cool...........Michael sarver was first. He was the only one, besides Allison to pick something kindve peppy, so he gets big points for that.He also gets cutie points from me.He did garth's aint going down til the sun comes up. Next was Allison, and she did Blame it on your heart by Patty Loveless, a very good choice indeed. She rocked it, my favorite girl for sure. Top three material. Kris Allen did To make you feel my Love, another garth song. OMG it was amazing,this was his best night yet. He reminds me of a 13 yr old, he just looks soo young..........so for that reason, no cute points from me. Hes probably my least favorite guy, but who knows, that may change if he continues to do what he did tonight.Lil did a really bad performance of martina's independence day, very bad choice of song for her,what a shame............. My favorite performance tonight, hands down was Anoop. he totally redeemed himself from last week with Willie Nelson's you were always on my mind....it was spectacular..........
Last week I had the privelege of hearing danny sing for the first time, and he is by far my favorite. But his song choice tonight wasnt that great. I think Carrie Underwood would definately approve, however.Poor megan Joy, i feel soo bad for her, I hope she gets some rest this week. her voice is starting to grow on me, but she did that stupid dance tonight, and i hate it. She needs to do something more contemporary, she has been doing too many old songs. reminds me alot of Nora Jones........
Adam just really creeped me out tonight with that whole egyptian thing. I did not like it at all. I am starting to like him less and less.He had me at satisfaction,but no more.
So, all that said,my pics to go home, based solely on their performance tonight are eiether Alexis, Lil, or megan Joy. If Lil or Megan gets picked the judges may use their save..........but I think they would let Alexis go.
We'll find out tomorrow.............

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